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Download Me Singing 612 By She Mp3

Download Mp3 me singing 612星球 by SHE (6.82 MB), Duration 04:58, Me Singing 612 By She Mp3, Tammy Mei, PT4M58S, 264, 6, 1, 2010-02-28 08:55:40, 2021-05-09 07:55:14, me-singing-612-by-she, Free Music Mp3

very like this song~ 612星球~ S.H.E 满园玫瑰 我以为 找到我那一朵 认真爱了 却狠狠 刺伤我的双手 责备什么人也没有用 玫瑰都红 难免看错 望着天空 爱是否 活在童话里头 小王子说 有些事 流浪过才会懂 原来每颗心都有个洞 找不到真爱...

new song of SHE's album!!!

i like tis song so much ,so i sing it .feel free to liv comment n...


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haha the music is kinda soft sorry! :( pls give your honest comments thanks!! :D

第一次上傳ㄟXD 超愛SHE的!! 所以也很愛他們的歌!! 唱的如何?給點建議吧! =)

feel free to rate n comment,thkz..


feel free to comment.. =)

[COVER] 612 星球 Xīng Qiú by S.H.E | Vikki Sings!

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Hello YouTube~ I'm back with another cover of a lovely song originally sung by S.H.E Also, I want to wish everyone a very happy, blessed, and...

i had to do a s.h.e song since im a big fan it took me pretty long but i was busy enjoy:D feel free to comment and feedback i need it! PS. the...

sorry for the background noises and all these comment please!!

pls do rate and comment(:

[MMV] 612 星球 612 Xing Qiu - S.H.E 楓之谷

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612 星球 612 Xing Qiu MMV Maple music video 楓之谷 By S.H.E (Selina, Hebe, Ella) Album - F.M S.H.E (2007) Enjoy! Thumbs up and comment...

612 星球 - S.H.E in FM S.H.E 我的電台 Album ~ sang by me =)

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612 星球 by S.H.E ~ sang by meee =P Feel free to comment ^^

612星球 曲:鄭楠 詞:徐世珍 編曲:Terence Teo 滿園玫瑰我以為找到我那一朵 認真愛了卻狠狠刺傷我的雙手 責備什麼人也沒有用 玫瑰都紅...

me singing 我是火星人/ wo shi huo xing ren by S.H.E.

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唱到没气!我是火星人 - S.H.E 嘴巴上明明是毒药 吻起来却像蜂蜜 掌心看着多么温柔 握起来就多锋利 是谁给我一个微笑 暗藏一万个陷阱 降落在这颗蓝色的星球 还真的需要勇气 像个孩子简单地呼吸 却找不到适合我的氧气 我是火星人...

Yes!!! My third video!! Yeah but this one is from the older days where I just felt like singing for fun.. So this one was not that good. And I'm...


Heyy!=) Sorry for not making video's, I was busy these days...Well yeah!^^ I am very sorry ..=( Hope you like this videos.=) If I sang some words...


i made this video from a program called Muvee.. it isn't the best program to make a video on... but it was my only option since i don't know how...

me singing 612星球 (612 Xing Qiu) by limei(MiewFigaro)

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me singing 612星球 (612 Xing Qiu) by limei(MiewFigaro)

4th video! Haha, its not really good, but still. Comments please! And, I messed up at " que mei you ren wo wo de shou"

Hi! xlilselinax is back! I 'disappeared' for a few months, but I'm back now! I really love this song, and I really enjoyed singing it, I hope you...

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